Services Migration

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Talk with us about your service.
Send us a few details of the plataforms to migrate and particularities that they may have.
We will get in touch with you.
Our technicians will get in touch with you to help you choose the best service and plan the migration.
Now it's time to start the migration.
After the migration is planned we will move with it. Relax our team will handle everything for you.
After the end of the migration
For the next days we will be careful to guarantee that everything works as planned.

Some of the Advantages

By choosing PTTS3

High Performance
Servers built with high technology and latest generation, we have the hardware to ensure excellent quality services.
99.9% Uptime
We are confident in the quality of our infrastructure, that's why we offer a 99.9% Uptime network guarantee with all our services.
DDoS protection
We have specialised and experienced technicians only dedicated to monitoring our entire network 24/7/365.
Automatic activation
The product ordered will be activated instantly as long as you use one of the payment methods, which is automatic.
Fast and Expert Support
Our team is always ready to help you in any situation, just open a ticket or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Free Migration
Our team can migrate everything for you, free of charge and with peace of mind, just by following a few steps.